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I've had this blog for a year and have very very little comments. It didn't bother me much, this is like my little private place on the internet (hi readers!)

but then three different people told me that they were trying to comment, but that blogger wouldn't let them. I looked back on the very few comments that i have on my blog and it looks like blogger is only letting other blogger members comment, which isn't very nice.

So i moved all my content over to which wasn't nearly as hard as i thought it would be. I just pushed a couple buttons and all of my posts were moved over there. Woohoo!

so i'm going to finish up my Modest Dress Challenge here, and then i'm going to start working at wordpress. Sorry guys, but if its not working for me, its not working. I hope to see you there.

Day 5 in Modest Dress  

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I am really loving this challenge, you have no idea. Yesterday was fun, i got some writing done (2 pages! including a segue between two scenes that i was having a very very hard time with) and i got to hang out with my friends all day, even Andrea who i don’t see nearly often enough.

So lets see…I showed and shaved and lazed around the house all morning until Amber called and I walked over to her house. It was a bit chilly, but i enjoyed the walk. The house was chaos with all NINE kids there, but it was a good chaos. The only time there were tears was when Caleb got hit in the side of the head with a plastic sword during one of the boy’s games but he got over it pretty quickly. Pepsi heals all wounds…

Andrea was over at Amber’s helping her clean and decorate her house. it looks amazing. I want to live there ;) Me and andrea are going to have to go shopping to pretty up my house sometime soon, she’s got a GREAT sense of that sort of thing, while i….don’t. LOL.


Amber served me both breakfast and lunch (it was DELICIOUS!) and we hung out at her house, (had jake over, again!) and we played apples to apples. It was fun. We went home early last night (early for me anyway) and were asleep before midnight. I think

its some sort of record that we’ve been doing to bed at a decent hour all week.

Day 4 in Modest Dress  

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What did I do yesterday? I think that yesterday morning is going to have to be one of those dark spots in my memory. I don't remember what I did at all.

I think i blogged all morning. Yeah i know, "who blogs?" I loved my dress today, i bought it at the thrift store last Thursday. It is very old fashioned and i love it. I figured that I would either look very awesome or like a grandmother. Not my grandma though, she preferred to walk around in lime green polyester pants suits. If i went around looking like an awesome grandma, then i win.

So the turning point of my day is when i realized that i was being a jerk to my son and needed to get out of the house before we did things we would regret later. So i was looking for something to do and my friend Amber mentioned that she was going to have a picnic with her kids. A picnic! perfect! It got us out of the house!

So i got my stuff together and didn't have enough for a picnic, so i ran to the store and bought a fruit tray and some juice and we took it home and set up the picnic and then wandered to the park. First of all, caleb didn't like the park i picked, so we had to keep walking until we found one that was suitable (ended up walking over two miles yesterday) and we had ourselves a little picnic.It was really nice. There weren't other kids to play with but Caleb really enjoyed sitting with me and eating fruit with toothpicks and running around crazily on the playground equipment while i got some writing done.

Then we walked home and had some diner, we invited Jacob over to the house again to play video games with the Hubby. While he was here, we made plans for a BBQ sometime this weekend. I played on the internet all night long and when Jacob went home around 11:30, i finally went to bed.

Garden Update  

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OK a couple pictures.

My sugar snap peas are looking like plants now, instead of a mass of dirt with a cage sticking up, LOL. They're rather pretty and i can't wait to harvest. I hope that they grow fast enough to get a good harvest. it gets very hot, very fast here.

My strawberry pot of spinach and lettuce is doing alright. Some of the places are empty though and i'm not sure if they're not growing or if i missed a few spots. The rest are sprouting, but apparently they take longer than i thought they did to grow. they're less than 1/3 the size of the snap peas. I MIGHT pull them up and plant herbs in there, but i can't decide what i want to do.

I bought a cherry tomato plant, which i planted yesterday and some marigolds to keep the bugs away from them (it sort of worked last year) and then I got some Oregano, sage, thyme, and parsley. I have a large rosemary bush growing on the side of my apartment already. I will be planting basil with my tomatoes, because they really like eachother. I also planted some extra chives, because they did so well. The mint that i planted last year is thriving (of coarse) and so my place is greening up little by little.

I want to plant some cucumber too, but i'm not sure where i want it at, i'm going to have to make a trip into fresno to see what else they have. I don't want more tomatoes for sure, just the cherries.

Message Board Signature  

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This is my signature on my favorite message board. :) I'm quite pleased with myself for making it and so I wanted to show it off. I love the streamlined look of the black and red especially with the avatar that I chose to post with it in the upper left hand corner.

My Blog of Awesomeness
Devoted Wife to Hubby
Exhausted Mom to Caleb

God put me on this earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Right now, I am so far behind that I think I will never die.

Day 3 in Modest Dress  

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What DID I do all day?

I woke up and realized that it was freezing cold and my silk slip only made it seem more cold. I don't even own pantyhose so I just layered a bit. There's just something special about having something pretty underneath all your clothes. Even decided to accessorize today. I felt girly.

Lets see, I chatted with Andrea online for a while, I played on my message board. While there I discovered that I'm on page two of the most posts of all time. Over 8,000 posts! Wow, I didn't think i was that chatty!

I decided to take up Monday's challenge on my message board. I spend so much time sitting in front of the computer that i might as well make it work for me. Every time the thread is bumped, you have to get away from the computer and work on your house for 5 minutes. I spent the day alternatively getting things done and psychically willing other women not to reply to the thread so it won't get bumped to the top and i wouldn't have to clean anymore.

And then i planted my tomato plant so that it would have time to grow. I bought a cherry tomato plant the other day and had to put it in the ground before it came root bound. I'm still not sure what to do with all the herbs i bought. I sort of want to put them in my window box, but i already have spinach, radish, and lettuce planted there. Or my strawberry pot, how cute would that be, but once again, i already planted there :(

I cleaned up Caleb's room a little which was MUCH needed. It was pretty gross. Caleb kept begging me to take him to school, but there's not school this week. Then he asked to see Teacher Courtney (his new occupational therapist) but i reminded him that we don't see her until Friday, and he threw a fit.

My MIL took me to the post office, to pick up the shoes i ordered (they don't fit) and caleb very sternly told me that he didn't want to stay home with me, he wanted to go to grandmas. I tried to bribe him but he wasn't having any of that. He ended up running home and crying on his bed for a while. (aren't i the best parent ever?)

Later i told him that we were going to walmart, so we got our walking shoes on and headed there. he did a great job walking with me over there so i bought him a caramel sundae. It looked delicious. While we were sitting there, these two older ladies came up to us and started talking to caleb. They asked if we were headed to a party (?!) I told them no and they told me that it was nice to see someone wearing a dress for a change and then wandered off to do what old ladies do.

Sweet! After they left i thought that i should have told them that I AM the party, but then...i don't think they would have appreciated it.

We got home and I caught up on Heroes and How I Met Your Mother online and then Caleb begged us to go see Aunt Manda (even though by the end of the night last night he was literally begging for us to go home) so we went over there and watched our shows with them and then went home around 11, where we all went to bed. I was laying there reading my book (linked at the bottom) when i saw Caleb run to his room with a box in his hands. I followed him like a good little detective and discovered that he had a rat in the box. Damn it! So i put the poor rat away and blocked the hallway (if we had a fire we would have been screwed) because i can't have him getting rats out in the middle of the night, and i laid my head down on my pillow and went to sleep at a decent hour for the first time in days.

Day 2 in Modest Dress  

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Sunday morning i got up and ready for church only to realize that i completely missed the time change and was already half an hour late for church and still in my underwear. While our church is pretty casual dress, i knew that this was my week for "modest dress" and even my granny panties wouldn't fit the bill. At least i couldn't put pictures of it on the internet.

Can i rant for a second on how hard it is for someone of my proportions to find something modest. I need much higher necklines than the rest of the human populations (with the exception of Sarah, i think she understands my plight) I could show cleavage in a turtle neck!

So i got dressed and decided to let Sunday be my day of rest. I had leftovers all day (burritos and pancakes in all their nutritional goodness) I laid around the house, with the front door open so i could look and the beautiful day outside, even though i didn't step out for longer than to water my plants. I planned on writing some, but didn't get anything done at all. I think i wrote down one sentence. Not even that, i think i modified once sentence. I did nothing on my story but add that my main character was mussing her boyfriend's hair as she asked a question. (did i just admit that he was her boyfriend? Meri would kill me)

I settled on the couch with a pen and paper, hoping that less distractions (like the internet) would help me get some writing done but i ended up taking a nap. I got woken up a few times (Caleb yelling at me that it was NOT nighttime, it was sunner, and i shouldn't be sleeping in the sunner) but i slept from 3 to 5 pm. At which point i microwaved myself a couple more burritos and nagged the Husband to call all our friends and see if we had any plans. Some of our friends were busy so we couldn't play VTM so instead we got together at my sister-in-law Manda's house and played board games. Ever play Apples to Apples? It's hilarious. We all sat around and played it until the wee hours of the morning. I'm sure Hubby feels like crap but it was worth it. I laughed so hard. We drove home around 2am and promptly passed out in bed.

Next week we're going to make a drinking game out of it, LOL.


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Rejoice with me! I just paid off most of my credit card debt. My credit card is now down to $1500. Still a lot of money, but a LOT less than it was.

We have a little more money leftover from our tax refund, but we're going to pay our bills with it and then decide how much more money we can put down on the credit card.

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. The credit card is all my debt. I've been irresponsible with it and little by little it just kept getting bigger and bigger. It feels good to get it off my shoulders. I don't carry my credit card in my purse anymore, it lives at home until i REALLY need it (which, if i'm honest with myself, is never) I'm going to do better this year. Clearing off that much of the debt makes me feel like i have a clean slate, and that i can do better with my money this time.

The debt has really been hard on hubby too, always on his mind. He's feeling pretty good about it too, didn't complain once when we used almost all of our refund to pay it down even though there were things he really wanted to do with the money too.

Day 1 in Modest Dress  

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I decided to post pictures from yesterday, the first was me making pancakes in the morning. Caleb was so excited that we were "cooking...with...CALEB!"

We invite our friend Jacob over and I made pancakes for everybody. Jacob kept scolding me because I kept walking away from the pancakes to add things to my blog. He actually slapped my hands. They all turned out alright in the end.

I also ended up inviting my friend zach over because i made way too many pancakes, but he didn't eat any of them.

The boys played video games most of the day until diner time, when i dragged Jacob (quite willingly) into the kitchen with me to help me make a boatload of burritos for the week. Hubby had been requesting them for a while and it was nice to have help doing it. Jacob really loves to cook so i didn't feel so bad making him help.

The second is me at the computer. I was planning on wearing my green and brown skirt all day but for some unknown reason i was sitting at the computer and decided to drown myself in the glass of water I was drinking. I choked and ended up spitting and entire mouthful of water all over myself and the computer desk. Not only that, but I had an audience. We had friends over. Nice.

I needed a change of clothes. And looky there, proof that one can dress modestly and still be smokin' hot.


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"OK the party can start now, Sam has arrived"

Yes, I say that. Do i mean it? No. Not really. I'm not quite THAT narcissistic but I pretend to be. Why? Hmmm, good question. Fake it until you make it?

I'm shy. Really really shy. I don't like talking to new people. The very thought of talking on the phone to a stranger makes my butt clench (how's that for a mental picture?) I don't like talking to people i don't know very well. Awkward silences make me sweat (and i smell BAD when i sweat. don't believe me? Ask me husband)

I don't feel like i have anything important to say. I don't have all the answers to the questions that people ask me. I'm not very confident. Saying those things, and talking to new people doesn't mean that i'm any more confident than I was before. I'm just braver.

I put myself out there more than i ever did before. Especially lately and i'm not sure why. I was thrown into adulthood sink or swim and i sank for a really long time, and then i tred water for a little bit, and now i'm learning to do the breaststroke (my husband is an excellent teacher)

I know that if I fail at one social interaction or another, i'll be devistated BUT if i really really fail, then it won't matter. I didn't make any new friends, i won' thave anyone to face with my failure but myself, and i'm easily distracted.

Anyway, what is it that Dr Seuss says about people? "be yourself because those that matter, won't mind and those who mind, won't matter."

Fake it until you make it, definantly. One day i may be that awesome confident person i pretend to be, but i'm not quite there yet. But then again, when i gain confidence, i lose a lto of humility, and i don't think i could afford to lose any more of humility. I'm getting to be pretty full of myself.

PS, the caption under that picture says "When i grow up, I want to be a firefighter so i can help mommy" Me thinks i burned one too many diners.